‪#‎Microsoft just announced that if you purchased any of their Xbox Fitness products then you wasted your money

MicrosoftSstudios states “On July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness (and all associated content) will no longer be available for download/play. This includes content you’ve purchased.” ‪#‎IsThisEvenLegal?

Microsoft is currently offering no details regarding a possible refund to the thousands or tens of thousands of users who spent their hard earned cash to purchase of these fitness products.

Comsumers of the Xbox Fitness products are upset. Many complaining that they spent hundreds of dollars on videos such as the popular p90X. Too add insult to injury Microsoft was allegedly Charging $60 for the digital copy of P90X, where as a physical hardcopy of the program can be purchased on Amazon.com for a little less than 30 dollars.   It is important to note that the physical copy sold on Amazon will continue to work for years to come, and can even be loaned out to a friend or sold at a garage sale, whereas the Xbox version is simply going to disappear on July 1st 2017.

How will the customers who play Diablo 3, Destiny or any Steam game react when they are told that they cannot access the content they purchased, or that they will need to pay a $60 yearly subscription to keep player a specific game.

How do you feel about no longer being able to access content that you purchased? I personally believe this will become more common place in the near future, as more and more single player games rely on online Digital Rights Management or DRM., and do not ship physical products all in an effort to be more profitable.